Viola Huang
Viola Huang is an interdisciplinary industrial and interaction designer who has a believe in fusing the physical experience and digital practice to advance the human experience. She designs with grid and purpose.
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Quilt, a remote funeral service using a digital platform and video hardware, helps people plan and hold a dignified, bi-level onsite and online funeral for loved ones who have died during Covid-19.

Industrial design

The underlying ideas of sensorial wellness are becoming more present. Bang and Olufsen will enter one of the fastest growing market - wellness industry. The sensory pod will bring its current auditory and add other sensory experience to maximize the user experience.

Industrial design

Treplasia is a nature-inspired office furniture system. It has four pieces of furniture and support individual's volatile work behavior. It enables people to work collaboratively and supports the focus tasks.

Industrial design
Bosch User Experience Design
E4 Chess
Tulip Mental health App
Tinta MOCA museum toy