Ultimate wellness
Project brief
Bang and Olufsen enters one of the most fast-growing industry, wellness market to create a spa experience with multi-sensory integration. Partner with Luxury hotels, such as Aman resorts, to offer advanced service to our guests. Opening up Band and Olufsen ultimate wellness will transfer Bang and Olufsen brand identity into a brand offers holistic experience with a combination of different senses.
My contribution
Product design
Brand strategy
Visual brand

A multi-sensory pod

The underlying ideas of sensorial wellness are becoming more present.

In Bang and Olufsen multi-sensory pod, it provides sound therapy, chromatic therapy, aromatherapy, aromatherapy and temperature-controlled soft interior to help customers to relax their body and mind. Located in the wilderness, the sensory pod provides a chance for the user to escape from modern but stressful life.

Create circadian lighting with LED light panel

Light therapy has beed proved to help with mood, insomnia and other conditions by affecting brains chemicals linking to mood and sleep.

Effects of pulsed LED light colors on proliferation

There is increasing evidence, that shorter wavelengths can significantly support tissue regeneration processes. Stimulation with both red and green pulsed LED light significantly increased HUVEC proliferation and 3D migration. (As the image showed below.)

reference: The impact of wavelengths of LED light-therapy on endothelial cells on Nature, published on Sep.06, 2017.