2 week design challenge
Project Overview
Treplasia is a nature-inspired office furniture system. It has four pieces of furniture and support individual's volatile work behavior. It enables people to work collaboratively and supports the focus tasks. Treplasia well achieves a dedicate balance between "We" and "Me".
My Contributions
Spacial design
3d modeling

01-Seed carpet

The seed carpet creates a leisure space inside office where people can sit, lay down or have a casual conversation. This space helps to boost creativity inside office.

The carpet is magnetically connected. User can create a landscape based on their office layout.

02-Sprout desk

The sprout desk with different cabinet layout offers different configurations for individual usage. The charging cord on the side meets people's work behavior, which allows people to charge their electronic deices more easily.

03-Leaf private pod

The private leaf pod offers a comfortable hideaway space inside an open space office that allows people to have a focus moment in the office. The soundproof material creates a more quiet area for the focus tasks.

04-Tree screen

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