I spent my 2020 summer as a user experience design intern at BOSCH UXD in Shanghai. It was truly a fantastic experience. I felt so lucky to work with these lovely and talented people, and I learned so much from them.
What I did are...
Industrial design
3D design power tool product, work along side with purpose team product manager and engineer.Map HMI/App function and participate in standardizing the graphic guideline.
User research
Qualitative research - Lead two focus group in-depth research projects from drafting research proposal, user screener, to gather insights .
Quantitative research - Draft market research survey andanalysis user data to understand user needs.
My contribution
Industrial design
User research
40% Research
40% Design

- Always ask when is the deadline.
- Treat every single task as a learning opportunity.
- Always get ready to share the work in progress at a presentable way.
- Work on the big picture first, and then figure out the details.
- Effective communication is at everywhere and anytime.